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Welcome to the 16th New York Turkish Film Festival!



Opening Night Film

Mehmet is a man living with his family in a mountain village in the Black Sea region. He earns his life breeding a few animals, while passionately looking for a mineral reserve on the mountains. His pursuit is seen as useless to his family. Thinking his efforts are perhaps in vain, Mehmet's hope is renewed through a bull fighting competition that he will attend in Artvin. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned and he returns as lost as he was before. This simple story pictures the naive portrait of a touching life, a life in struggle, and the relationship between nature, animals, and human beings.
Showtime: Thursday, November 30 at 6:45 PM -- Runtime: 150 minutes



  Yonca and Serkan are college sweethearts who got married after graduation. Their decision to have a baby forces Yonca to quit her job and stay at home. Used to having an active lifestyle, becoming a housewife affects Yonca’s well-being and she becomes a distrustful, jealous woman who stalks her husband and doubts his acts. Meanwhile, Serkan acts like a workaholic and distances himself from her, triggering Yonca’s paranoid thoughts that he may be having an affair. Determined to get a confession, Yonca puts sleeping pills into Serkan's drink... Are Yonca's thoughts truly paranoid or is their love being shared?

Showtime: Friday, December 1 at 6:45 PM - Runtime: 90 minutes




Ibrahim works as a construction worker in a luxury apartment construction site in Istanbul. During a visit to the doctor, he finds out that he has severe lung cancer. Later, a work accident happens where one of the workers die in the construction site due to lack of safety precautions. To avoid a law suit, the construction company approaches the family of the worker to cover the incident, by offering illegal compensation. Hopeless and worried about the future of his family, this incident gives Ibrahim an idea.

Showtime: Saturday, December 2 at 3:30 PM -- Runtime: 101 minutes


Two women come to see an installation. They walk around in pitch black with a lit candle. A spotlight comes on as they find each exhibit, naked men in Venetian masks standing behind baroque frames. They’ll choose the man they like, but “these men do everything they can to avoid being chosen”...

12 Minutes

Forced to flee Syria for the border town of Southeast Anatolia, a mother and daughter struggle in accepting their newly won safety. After leaving everything dear to them behind, the two face the existential toll of their nefarious circumstance. As the two share the bitter intimacy of asylum, the young girl is overtaken by the brunt strain of her violent memories.

  12 minutes

Showtime: Saturday, December 2 at 6:30 PM




Holly’s childhood was a nightmare—at age 7, she watched her mother kill her sister and father. Twenty years later, Holly’s dreams remain plagued by that painful memory. An unexpected reunion with an old friend further complicates matters and introduces Holly to a strange cult-like group that follows a celebrity psychic, who takes a special liking to Holly. And because of him, her worst nightmares become shockingly real.

Showtime: Saturday, December 2 at 9:00 PM -- Runtime: 101 minutes




Istanbul is in the grip of political violence. The state uses new underground techniques in the hunt for terrorists in shantytowns. Kadir works as a garbage collector to search for traces of bomb-making – the price he paid for a secret early parole. He is reunited with his younger brother Ahmet who works for the city as a stray dog exterminator. Despite Kadir’s repeated efforts, Ahmet seems reluctant to develop a deep brotherly bond. Escalating pressure from the authorities creates suspicion and mistrust. Kadir’s misplaced desires lead to irrational jealousy, and Ahmet becomes strangely attached to a wounded dog. As it becomes obvious that Ahmet is avoiding him, Kadir concocts conspiracy theories to explain his behavior. There’s no escape from the suffocating atmosphere that can turn friends into enemies. Their frenzied paranoia can only lead to destruction...

Showtime: Sunday, December 3 at 2:00 PM -- Runtime: 120 minutes



 This is the story of Turkey’s best stage band and its two members who faded away from that stage: Yavuz Çetin…before jumping off the Bosphorus Bridge at the age of 31 due to depression, he was called "The Golden Boy", and Kerim Çaplı... he could play the drums, guitar, bass and keyboards with virtuosity. After performing with The Monkees and Jimi Hendrix in the USA, Kerim returned to Turkey, only to die alone in a hotel room. Both had extraordinary talent. They left this world with lots of questions behind. But perhaps, the most interesting question was this: Should art be able to heal the wounds of a tormented soul? Or is it the wounds that really matter, bringing out the creative core? Blue attempts at exploring the lives of these two talents and their struggle with the society and their own minds.

Showtime: Sunday, December 3 at 5:30 PM -- Runtime: 100 minutes